Reach Customers on Any Device with a Responsive Website Design

Our websites all have a responsive design so dynamically adjust to make the content fit properly according to the size of the user's screen.

The Importance of Responsive Website Design

Users expect your website to work on any device so having a responsive website design improves user experience. Here are the main reasons why this is important.

Mobile Usage Rates

The rates of mobile use have increased dramatically in recent years to an extent where, in many situations, mobile devices are more popular than desktop PCs. Websites that are not designed for viewing on a small screen look terrible, are awkward to use, and often do not have full functionality. Therefore, a responsive website will help generate sales as potential customers may leave if your site doesn't work or look right on mobile.

Easier to Manage

Getting a website with a responsive design is not the only way you can get a mobile friendly website. The other option you have is to create two different versions of your site - one for desktop users and one for mobile users. The website automatically detects the screen of the user and then displays the appropriate website. This approach is costlier, however, and it takes more time to manage as you have two sites. As a result, we always recommend responsive designs.


Websites with a responsive design also help with SEO. This is because Google will not show your website in mobile search results pagesif it is not mobile friendly. Google does this to improve user experience. Large numbers of people use their mobile devices to search in Google so a website with a responsive design helps to increase traffic to your website.