Content Strategy & Copywriting

Making Content Drive Your Growth

Reach new customers and build stronger connections with existing customers through a well-planned and targeted content marketing strategy.

Identifying Your Brand Voice

The first part of a developing an effective content marketing strategy is to identify your brand voice. This voice should then be consistently used across all channels in every piece of content you publish or distribute. The aim is to create and then establish a voice that your audience instantly recognizes in every piece of content they consume.

Creating Content That's Relevant

A good content marketing strategy involves more than knowing who your audience is and then putting content in front of them. Doing this will rarely deliver the rates of return that is possible from content. This is because a crucial part of maximizing the results of a content marketing campaign includes creating content that is relevant to your audience. This means understanding what they need, the problems they are trying to fix, what they desire, and what they find engaging. When you know the answers to these questions you can create content that resonates and you will keep your audience coming back for more.

Effective Copywriting Across Different Media

Whatever channel your content is written for, it must be written well. It must engage the audience and move them closer to a conversion. In addition, it is important to make the writing suitable for the channel it will be published on. This is why professional copywriters are so important - maintaining your brand voice and delivering your message but doing so in a way that adapts to the channel whether that is a blog, a Facebook post, a YouTube video, or any other channel you publish your content on.

Making Content SEO Friendly

Another crucial part of good copywriting and implementing an effective content marketing strategy is making each piece of content SEO friendly. There are several factors involved in this but some of the most important are making the copy evergreen, including keywords, and writing to attract links. Evergreen content has relevance long into the future and will continue to deliver results long after it is first published. Keywords help search engines understand what the content is about so they will show the page on search results. Attracting links involves creating fantastic content that others want to share or reference.

Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Our professional copywriting services can also help you create landing pages that get conversions. You can use these landing pages as part of a content marketing campaign or in conjunction with several other digital marketing strategies. An effective landing page has to grab the attention of the reader, it has to be compelling, it has to succinctly explain why your product or service is what the reader needs, and it has to encourage the reader to take immediate action. Landing pages can be the difference between a digital marketing strategy that works and one that doesn't - with us, your landing pages will work and you will get conversions.