Business Analysis & Consulting

Establishing and Maximizing Your Online Presence

If you don't yet have a presence online, or if you want to grow your online presence, our business analysis and consulting services can help.

Identifying Your Audience

One of biggest issues that businesses face when marketing online is paying to reach a lot of people but seeing minimal conversions - leads or sales - from that effort or expense. This is often down to targeting the wrong audience so with every client we work with, we start with identifying that audience. This includes demographics - age, gender, education level, etc - but it also includes buyer motivation. In other words, what are the triggers that make a customer take a buying decision. We also look at how your target customers use the internet - what sort of content do they consume, what websites do they look at, what social media channels do they use, which of those social media channels are the most receptive on, etc. This will give you a good platform from which to build a digital marketing strategy.

Developing a Strategy

Once there is an understanding of who your target audience is and how they use digital media, you can then develop a digital marketing strategy. This involves analysing several factors. We usually start with any digital marketing efforts you have conducted in the past where we look at what you did and the results you achieved. We also look at the digital footprint of your competitors to get an understanding of the digital marketing strategies they use. In addition, we use our broad knowledge of digital marketing strategies to develop and adapt solutions that will work in your business. The aim is to identify strategies that work and couple them with new and innovative ideas that deliver a return.

Implement the Strategy

The next step in establishing your business online and helping it grow is to implement your digital marketing strategy. It is important at this stage to allocate enough resources to give the various strands of the strategy a chance to work. One of the challenges you will face when doing this is managing expectations - your expectations and the expectations of those around you. Some individual digital marketing strategies can deliver immediate results and an immediate return - a good example is PPC ads. Others, however, take time to have a positive effect - sometimes several months. The return from those strategies, however, is long-lasting, so it is worth ensuring the plan is sufficiently resourced.

Measure and Improve

The final stage in implementing an effective online strategy is a continuous one. It involves measuring the results of your efforts against your goals and overall objective, particularly to analyze achieved rates of return. It is important to then go into detail to look at elements of each campaign to identify what worked well and what could have been better. With this information, you can refine the next campaign, correcting the things that don’t work well and amplifying the things that do to improve rates of return. This constant measurement and improvement will help you build on your successes and will also help you stay relevant in the constantly changing online world.