Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

We'll create a social media marketing strategy that will enhance the reputation of your brand, increase the reach of your message, and generate new sales for your business.


The first stage of implementing a successful social media marketing strategy is to get an understanding of your objectives, assess the competition, define the competition, and audit your previous performance on social media.
  • Objectives - We firstly get an understanding of your business and the message you want to promote on social media. In addition, we get an understanding of the objectives you want to achieve.
  • Competition - Next we look at your competition to analyze their social media strategy and get an understanding of the results they achieve. We also look for examples of good practice from companies who are not direct competitors.

  • Audience - In addition, we define your audience. This includes the type of social media accounts they follow, the platforms they use and what they use them for, their interests, and what they expect from brands on social media.

  • Audit - The final element of this initial stage is to audit your current social media performance including the number of followers you have, the type of posts you create, your paid campaigns, and levels of engagement.



Using the information gathered in the previous stage, our social media marketing team will develop a customized strategy to achieve your business goals.
  • Profile - We start by putting a plan in place for your profiles on social media to ensure they are fully optimized. We also put plans in place if you need new accounts created.

  • Content - A content schedule is created that plans the content over time. This normally includes broad topic areas and what is required for individual items of content including images and video.

  • Engagement - A strategy to boost engagement levels is also put in place. This includes leveraging your own networks and other networks you have access to as well as reaching out to influencers in your industry.

  • Advertising - Paid campaigns on social media are an optional element, but they are often the most effective way of getting immediate results from your social media marketing efforts.

  • Analysis - Finally, we put in place a measurement and analysis plan. This includes when you will receive reports on the performance of the strategy as well as our own team's analysis and optimization efforts.



Once the strategy is complete and agreed we will put the plan into action using content specialist, social media managers, and advertising experts.
  • Content - Our content creation team of writers, designers, and video specialists will create the content according to the content schedule. This will then be published in a way that maximizes engagement.

  • Engagement - We also implement the engagement strategy to ensure each post achieves the best possible results. A key part of this phase is managing the engagement and interacting with your audience.

  • Advertising - If you opt to include advertising in your strategy we will implement this part of the plan as well. This includes creating the ads, determining the audience, and setting the budget.


Measure and Report

Our team carries out detailed analysis of the performance of your social media marketing strategy to optimize the results. We also send you regular reports.
  • Monthly - Monthly reports give you an overview of the tasks completed and the immediate results that were achieved.

  • Quarterly - Quarterly reports let you see the improvements over time so you can calculate return on investment.


The Power of Social Media Marketing

Engaging Your Audience and Increasing Conversions

Engage with Customers and Enhance Your Brand
Engage with Customers and Enhance Your Brand
Our social media marketing strategies will improve levels of engagement with your customers. This two-way interaction helps to enhance the presence of your brand and build customer loyalty.
Improve Customer Service
Improve Customer Service
Social media provides an effective customer service tool you can use to the benefit of your business. We can put in place a strategy that encourages customers to reach out when they have a query to get a quick response.
Encourage User Contributions
Encourage User Contributions
One of the strategies we often use is to come up with innovative ideas that encourage users to submit their own content to your social media channels. This is a great way to increase engagement and build loyalty.
Offer Something Exclusive
Offer Something Exclusive
Another tactic we often use to enhance your social media presence and levels of engagement is to offer something exclusive to your followers. This could be discounts or early access to new product releases.
Adds Personality to Your Brand
Adds Personality to Your Brand
Brands can often feel detached to customers, but social media gives you an opportunity to overcome this. With the right social media strategy, you can add personality to your brand to develop closer customer relationships.
Integrating Social Media with Your Website

Integrating Social Media with Your Website

Another option we offer to enhance the use of social media in your business is to integrate it with your website. There are several ways to achieve this:

We can help you add social sharing buttons to the pages on your website to make it easy for visitors to share your content on their social media networks.

 If you operate user accounts on your website we can help you add an option for your users to sign up and sign in using their Facebook accounts.

We can also help you implement tools that allow visitors to your website to quickly bookmark it so it is easy to return to in the future.

If you have an ecommerce website, we can help you implement tools that will increase your reach through social media and increase sales.

Social Media Marketing that Gets Results

Social Media Marketing Benefits
Build your existing audience
Reach new audiences
Enhance your reach beyond your audience
Improve the visibility of your brand
Increase customer engagement with your brand
Give your brand personality
Improve customer service
Encourage brand loyalty
Build trust in your brand, products, and services
Convert new customers
Encourage repeat business from existing customers
Reach customers in the right place at the right time

Social Media Integration Example

An industry magazine wants to develop closer ties with their audience through social media using their account login option for premium content.
Integration Solution
Integration Solution
We implemented Facebook Open Graph to enable users to register and login to the magazine's website using their Facebook account. This also made it easier for users to share content.