Search Engine Optimization:

Improving Your Rankings and Increasing Traffic with SEO

Selworthy's SEO experts will improve the ranking of your website for selected keywords to increase levels of traffic.

We start by carrying out a detailed audit of your website. We also analyze your competition and conduct keyword research.

The next stage involves implementing an SEO strategy which includes optimizing your website as well as creating and distributing content to earn links.

Our team constantly monitors the performance of your website in search results to optimize the strategy. We also send you a monthly report on performance.


The first step of implementing an effective SEO strategy is to get an understanding of your business and the current status of your website in relation to search engines.
  • Objectives - We agree a project brief and get an understanding of your business, products, and customers. This is also where you outline the objectives for your business.
  • Website Performance - The performance of your website is an essential part of SEO so we make recommendations on page load speed, user experience, functionality, and more.

  • Website Audit - We also analyze the SEO elements of your website including the content on each page, meta data, canonical tags, links, and more to determine the strategy.

  • Keyword Research - We then use a range of tools to conduct keyword research identifying high-priority keywords and assessing them for traffic volumes, user intent, and competition.



The analysis phase will give us the information we need to create a customized SEO strategy for your website. This has multiple elements.
  • On-Site - The starting point includes planning the content and coding changes required on your website to fully optimize it for SEO, involving your developers if necessary.

  • Content - This is the first part of a content marketing strategy and is aimed at earning links. It involves creating a content schedule both for your website and for outreach.

  • Off-Site - We create a list of contacts we will target with your content. This will include high-quality blogs and websites that will generate traffic and links to your site.

  • Analysis - Analyzing results is a crucial element of all SEO campaigns so we include this when determining our strategy. It involves setting short-term and long-term goals.


Website Optimization

This phase involves implementing the SEO strategy by making relevant changes to your website to improve its optimization for search engines.
  • On Page Content - The text on your pages is the starting point. We make alterations to this text to include keywords in strategic positions including in paragraphs and headings.

  • Other SEO Elements - Other elements we may adjust on your website include meta titles, meta descriptions, image ALT tags, canonical tags, internal links, and more.


Content Marketing

The next phase of the process involves increasing the online visibility of your brand through various channels. This includes earning links.
  • Creation - The starting point involves creating the content according to the content schedule. Every piece of content created is high-quality and customized for the platform it will be published on.

  • Influencers - We create a list of influencers in your industry or who can help you reach a wider audience. We start building a relationship with those influencers with the objective of getting your content published on their website.

  • PR - We also create a list of news websites, industry websites, and press release distributors that we will contact to increase exposure of your brand. We send them engaging stories and press releases for publication.

  • Social Media - Social media is another avenue we pursue. This involves implementing strategies to encourage social sharing of your content to ensure it gets maximum exposure well beyond your immediate audience.


Measuring Results

We analyze and measure the results of our SEO campaign so we can optimize it and also to send you regular reports on performance.
  • Monthly - A monthly report will give you an overview of the tasks completed and the results achieved. This lets you monitor closely the performance of the SEO strategy.

  • Quarterly - The quarterly performance report is also important as measurable results from search engine rankings can take time. This report lets you see the improvements.


Integrated Approach

We adopt an integrated approach with many of the clients we work with. This involves implementing an SEO strategy as well as other digital marketing strategies. This integrated approach delivers immediate and long-lasting results and maximizes return on investment.

What You Can Expect from Our SEO Team

We only use proven white hat techniques
Shady SEO techniques, commonly known as black hat SEO, will damage the performance of your website in search rankings, particularly in the medium and long-term. We only use recommended, white hat techniques in our SEO strategies.
We always stay up-to-date with latest trends
Search engines change their algorithms regularly and trends in the industry constantly evolve. We stay on top of those changes to capitalize on opportunities and avoid pitfalls, maximizing the performance of your website.
We focus on short-term and long-term results
Our objective is to deliver results from your SEO strategy as soon as possible so we work efficiently and effectively. SEO is about long-term gains, however, so we also prioritize strategies that deliver long-lasting results.
We are proactive and persistent
Our SEO team is dedicated to the success of your website through effective SEO. They will always seek ways to improve your site's rankings with an approach that is proactive and persistent