Paid Media

PPC Campaigns the Deliver a Return

Our paid media team creates advertising campaigns that get clicks that deliver a profitable return on investment. Here's how.


The first part of the process involves learning about your business and getting an understanding of the objectives you have for the advertising campaign. This part of the process typically involves:
  • Campaign Brief - Our PPC team will first get an understanding of your objectives for the PPC campaign, your budget, the target audience, and more.
  • Keyword Research - We then conduct keyword research to identify the best keywords to target, focusing particularly on keywords with buying intent.
  • Past Results Analysis - We also learn from the results you achieved from previous campaigns. This analysis provides a performance baseline.

  • Competitor Analysis - The final stage involves investigating the competition that exists for the targeted keywords. We look at the competition's ads, landing pages, and more.


Strategy Development

The next stage of implementing an effective paid media campaign is creating the strategy. This involves:
  • Defining the Platforms - The options include paid search, paid listings on shopping platforms, social media advertising, remarketing campaigns, display advertising, and mobile advertising. We tailor the choice of platform with your campaign.
  • Defining the Approach - The most crucial part of this stage of the process is defining the target audience. The method of doing this depends on the platform but it includes demographic and geographical filters as well as likes, interest, and past activity.

  • Campaign Setup - Our expert team will then setup your campaign by completing all copywriting, design, coding, and technical tasks.

  • Landing Page Creation - Our designers will build landing pages that are optimized for conversions. This includes having compelling content on the page, creating urgency, and having a strong call to action.

  • Ad Creation - Our designers, marketing experts, and coders will also create the advertising copy and creatives. This could be an interactive video ad, a dynamic shopping ad, a text-based ad, and more.



Paid media campaigns require continual review, analysis, and refinement to ensure maximum performance.
  • Measure - Our paid media team monitors your campaign on a daily basis, analyzing the results.

  • Adjustments - Based on the analysis, the team will make changes to various elements to tweak the performance.



We provide you with regular reports so you can see the performance of your ads and measure return on investment.
  • Monthly - You will get a monthly report that shows the amount you spend as well as clicks, conversions, and more.

  • Quarterly - We also provide you with quarterly reports so you can see the performance of your campaigns over time.


Extensive Experience

Our paid media team has extensive experience working with companies in all industries and sectors. This includes running campaigns on all major platforms targeting both businesses and consumers.
The starting point for every paid media campaign we create is your objectives. Common objectives include generating leads, getting new installations of your app, or generating new sales of your products. Everything we do is aimed at achieving that objective.
Integrated Approach
Integrated Approach
Unlike some other agencies, we do not limit the number of platforms that we can potentially run your ads on. In addition, many of the campaigns we create run on multiple platforms to create an integrated strategy.
Optimization Strategies
Optimization Strategies
Another feature that sets us apart from our competition is our optimization strategies. A paid media expert will monitor your advertising campaigns on a daily basis, making adjustments whenever necessary to improve performance.

Getting Results from Paid Media

Optimizing Landing Pages

Landing pages are more important than ads in relation to improving conversions from your paid media campaigns. We create custom landing pages that include your branding but that are otherwise entirely focused on getting the desired result.

Targeting the Right Audience

Targeting the right audience in your paid media campaigns is essential to ensure you don’t pay for clicks that will never turn into sales. We achieve this by selecting the right platform for your campaign and applying appropriate audience filters.

Having a Compelling Message

It is important to give potential customers a reason to click on your ad. This involves having an engaging creative and/or engaging copy, a strong call to action, and a compelling enough offer that makes users want to find out more.

Split Testing

One of the strategies that we use when optimizing your paid media campaigns is to split test. We split test all elements of the campaign including the audience, target keywords, ad copy, creative design, call to action, landing page, and more.