Email Marketing & Automation

Grow Your Business Through Email Marketing

We'll implement strategies that will grow your email list with potential customers. Our email designs are attractive and are optimized for maximum click-through rates. We also create compelling landing pages that increase conversion rates and sales

Implementing an Effective Email Marketing Campaign


Effective email marketing strategies start with having a great list. This almost always involves collecting signups to your list over time using a variety of strategies. We develop those strategies, maximizing the sign-up rate depending on your industry and target audience. This includes giving users compelling reasons to sign-up, increasing opt-in rates, and optimizing sign-up forms. We also use multiple platforms and strategies to maximize sign-up rates including your website and social media channels.


We develop email marketing strategies that will engage with your audience and maximize the number of conversions. There is no set formula for this part of the process as it depends on your objectives, the products you sell, and the expectations of your customers. The strategy will, however, determine the nature of the emails you send as well as the content they contain. It also determines the landing pages that will be used as well as the overall message.


Our designers will then create stunning and fully optimized email templates for use in your email marketing campaigns. Users typically only give an email a couple of seconds before they decide to continue reading or click back. Our designs, coupled with the content we create, will ensure the maximum percentage of readers possible continues reading. In addition, we make sure the design looks good on all devices as you are likely to have people on your list who will access your emails on multiple devices.


Segmenting your email list can dramatically improve open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. We can implement various segmentation strategies so you can differentiate your list at sign-up as well as segmenting existing lists. Once you have a segmentation strategy in place we can implement campaigns that capitalize on the segmentation by sending emails that are more relevant and targeted to specific users. Examples include sending different emails to non-customers and past customers.


You will get regular reports on the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. This includes sign-up rates as well as open rates, click-throughs, and conversions from individual email campaigns. This will give you an overview of the campaign so you can measure return on investment. In addition, our email marketing experts analyze the data throughout the campaign. This analysis is then used to make changes and optimize the strategy to improve your results.